What is a wildcard SSL Certificate?

You use SSL certificates to set up your website with the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts all data between a user’s browser and your web server. A standard SSL certificate is perfect when you want to secure your website and protect your visitors’ personal information. But what if you use subdomains on […]

What is Error 553: Unable to Verify Address

When you receive a 553 Error or a message saying “unable to verify address”, you need to set up SMTP Authentication in your email client. Refer to the following articles to learn how to set up SMTP Authentication in your email client: Thunderbird Microsoft Outlook 2016 Microsoft Outlook 2013 Microsoft […]

How to configure Apache SpamAssassin™

To help filter spam email, your HostPapa service features Apache SpamAssassin. Apache SpamAssassin is a smart email filter that not only identifies spam email, but learns as it goes, to get even better at its job. This article describes how to set up Apache SpamAssassin on your account. Apache SpamAssassin […]

How to reset your Drupal account password

If you have forgotten your Drupal account password, or wish to reset it for any reason, you can do so in a number of ways. Request a new password via email Head to the login page, which can be found at http://[yourdomain]/?q=user. Change [yourdomain] for the domain at which your […]

How to automatically redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS

Once you have purchased and installed an SSL certificate, you can configure your server to automatically redirect visitors to the secure version of your website. This ensures data sent to and from your website is securely encrypted. Adopting SSL is becoming increasingly important for website owners. It proves the authenticity of […]