How to check memory usage on your VPS

HostPapa VPS users have several tools at their fingertips for monitoring server performance. If you want to check your VPS memory usage, you can choose to monitor resources using WHM or the command line. In this article, we’ll show you how to use both methods. Check memory usage with WHM […]

How to connect to MySQL from the command line

MySQL is a popular database management system that powers a large portion of the web. Databases stored on HostPapa VPS servers can be managed using interfaces such as phpMyAdmin or using MySQL instructions entered into a command line window. To connect to MySQL from the command line, you will first […]

How to change your root password in WHM

Best practice security procedures for server management recommend changing your administrator passwords on a regular basis. As the WHM root password unlocks access to a wide variety of server and hosting settings, keeping your password secure is critically important. To change the root password, first, log in to the WHM […]

How to troubleshoot email in WHM

If you experience email delivery issues on your VPS server, you can troubleshoot the problem within WHM. A Mail Troubleshooter tool is included in WHM, which traces the route an email takes when sent to a provided email address, allowing you to pinpoint the problem. Log in to WHM and […]

How to change the server time zone in WHM

If you find that your server time zone does not reflect your local time zone, or you wish to alter the server time zone for another reason, you can do so from the WHM administration dashboard. First, log in to WHM and click the Server Configuration icon. Now select Server […]

How to modify a cPanel account in WHM

Following the creation of cPanel accounts in WHM, you’re free to make modifications to account settings at any time. Log in to the WHM dashboard and enter “modify” in the search box. Select Modify an Account under Account Functions. Select an account to modify from the list presented on the […]

How to change your MySQL root password in WHM

Your MySQL account credentials are used to access and manage databases stored on your server. This account is distinct from your WHM root account credentials but can be managed within the WHM administration dashboard. If you need to change your MySQL password, first log in to WHM. In the WHM […]

How to change the language in your WHM

If you wish to change the display language of your WHM administration portal, use the following steps. Log in to WHM and type “tweak” in the search bar. Select Tweak Settings under Server Configuration. In the Tweak Settings page, select the System tab. Scroll down to Server Locale and use […]

How to change FTP servers in WHM

Your VPS installation supports two types of FTP server: ProFTPD and PureFTPD. While they perform the same function – facilitating the upload and download of files to and from your server – they differ in features and performance. PureFTPD is the default option, however, you can switch to ProFTPD using […]