How to use and set up rules in Outlook

Rules can be used to automate many of Outlook’s features, helping organize and manage your email. Create a rule in Outlook You can create a rule using preconfigured templates. To get started, select a message, then click Home > Rules in the ribbon. In the menu that appears, you’ll see […]

What is an email bounce back error?

An email bounce back error is generated by any problem that causes an email message not to be delivered to the recipient. Depending on the reason for the failure, the message may come from the sender’s email server or the recipient’s email server. Other names sometimes used for a bounce-back […]

What is DNS?

In this article, we’ll provide a basic overview of DNS and other domain definitions that may be useful when configuring your DNS information.  What is DNS? DNS (Domain Name System) is an Internet system that converts human-memorable domain names (such as into computer-readable addresses (such as All computers […]

What is a dedicated IP address?

An IP address is a unique series of numbers that identifies a computer or domain on the Internet. Most web hosting accounts on shared web servers have the same IP address as one or more other accounts in the web hosting industry. A dedicated IP address is an address used […]

How to reset a cPanel account password in WHM

You can perform a variety of account management functions in WHM. In this article, we’ll show you how to reset your cPanel password. First, log in to WHM and type “accounts” in the search box. Click List Accounts to proceed. You’ll be presented with a list of cPanel accounts. Click […]

How to use cPanel’s User Manager

As the name suggests, cPanel’s User Manager supports various options for user account control, including email accounts, FTP accounts, and cPanel accounts. Management options include adding and deleting accounts, editing account details, changing security credentials, and more. To access cPanel User Manager, head to Preferences > User Manager in the […]

How to use cPanel’s Web Disk

cPanel Web Disk is a fantastic feature that allows you to manage, navigate, upload, and download the files on your web server as if they were stored on your local computer. Once enabled, you can use your computer’s file manager (such as File Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac […]