How to create good navigation links in WordPress

In this article, we’ll show you how to customize WordPress navigation links. As with most customizations, the methods you use depend on which version of WordPress and which theme you’re using. The examples in this article are using WordPress version 4.8 running the Classic theme. Some of the customizations explained […]

How to format the date and time in WordPress

In WordPress, the date and time are retrieved and displayed using template tags, such as the_date and the_time. Some template tags can be used with format parameters to specify how the output is displayed. For example,  the_time with the parameters shown below: <?php the_time(‘l, F jS, Y’) ?> is displayed […]

How to improve your WordPress website performance

Performance tuning your WordPress site yields better performance and improves the experience visitors receive. This article describes several ways to improve WordPress site performance. The basics The easiest place to start when optimizing a WordPress site for optimal performance is with the content itself. Set up image files correctly: Size […]

How to add a favicon in WordPress

A favicon is a small icon displayed in a web browser’s address bar or tab when you visit a site or add a bookmark. It allows site owners to create and display a small branding element, helping users visually identify a website. A favicon is typically a 16 x 16 […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress widgets

WordPress widgets are blocks that help you add functionalities and content to your WordPress site. Each widget usually has a specific function of making it easier to design elements or add features to your WordPress site without needing any coding knowledge. How can WordPress Widgets Help You? Widgets are helpful […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress dashboard

Your WordPress admin dashboard, or the WP admin panel or WP Admin, is the control panel for every feature on your WordPress website. It’s the place where you create and organize content, add functionalities, manage plugins, change your theme, and much more.  The WordPress admin dashboard is the key to […]

How to change file permissions in WordPress

To protect your website from malicious activity, we recommend that you secure your WordPress files and folders by changing their file permissions. File permissions determine who can read, write, modify, and delete files or folders on your HostPapa server. In this article, we’ll show you how to change file permissions […]

How to secure your WordPress website

As a wildly popular content management system (CMS) that powers millions of sites on the Internet, WordPress is an attractive target for hackers. You can never guarantee that a website is fully protected from potential exploits, mainly when the platform in question relies on – or supports – a multitude […]

Understanding WordPress post formats

WordPress includes many preinstalled post formats that can change the styling or layout of a post. Typically, post formats are used when you simply wish to publish a single image, a video, a linked quote or other media without the need for additional text. Theme developers can extend the list […]