How to use caching to make Joomla! faster

By saving some or all of your page content to a cache, you can significantly improve the performance of your site, because reading from cache will be faster than multiple trips to your database.

Joomla! includes a built-in caching feature. Though it’s disabled by default, it’s also a complex topic. If you have some experience managing a Joomla! website the following settings are a good starting point for most sites.

  • Login to the back end of your site
  • Go to System > Global Configuration > Server
  • Under Cache Settings choose ON – Conservative caching (conservative is a better choice than progressive caching for most sites)
  • Set the Cache Time, the number of minutes to save your cache before refreshing








  • Save
  • Then go to Extensions > Plugins, search for and open System – Page Cache
  • Enable and save System – Page Cache








  • The System – Page Cache plugin has additional settings which experienced admins may wish to use
  • Most modules have their own cache settings under the module’s advanced tab, letting you override the global settings if necessary
  • To manually clear the site cache, go to System > Clear Cache, select the file(s) you wish to clear, then click delete

Take care with caching, while it offers excellent performance improvements there’s the risk that caching dynamic content could give unexpected results.

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