Transferring domains vs. changing DNS settings

If you’re making the switch to HostPapa from another hosting company, you can either transfer your domain name to HostPapa or just leave the domain name with its current company and update the nameserver (DNS) entries to link it to your HostPapa hosting account. Here’s how: Changing your DNS Settings […]

How to modify a cPanel account in WHM

Following the creation of cPanel accounts in WHM, you’re free to make modifications to account settings at any time. Log in to the WHM dashboard and enter “modify” in the search box. Select Modify an Account under Account Functions. Select an account to modify from the list presented on the […]

How to terminate multiple accounts via WHM

Should you wish to cancel hosting accounts using WHM, you’ll find a convenient option available to terminate one or more accounts as a batch. Follow these steps to terminate multiple accounts via WHM. Log in to the WHM administration dashboard. In the search box, enter “terminate”, then select Terminate Accounts […]

How to view Apache Status in WHM

Apache HTTP Server is the underlying software used to run websites hosted on your VPS server. If you’re experiencing an issue with a site, such as slow running or a lack of connectivity, it’s a good idea to check the Apache Status in the WHM dashboard. To do so, first, […]

How to create a new account in WHM

WebHost Manager (WHM) is a server administration interface used to manage VPS and other distributed servers. It is used to perform a wide variety of server management tasks, including the administration of cPanel accounts. To work with WHM, ensure you have the WHM URL, username, and password that was sent […]

What are the differences between cPanel and WHM?

cPanel and WHM (Web Host Manager) are popular dashboards used to control servers and hosting accounts. Depending on your HostPapa service, you may have access to one or both of these powerful configuration tools. WHM is used to administer dedicated servers or VPS hosting services. The tool is used to […]

How to point a domain to Managed WordPress with GoDaddy

If you are a Managed WordPress customer with a GoDaddy domain, you need to point your domain to HostPapa. Follow these steps: Log in to your HostPapa Dashboard.  Click on My WordPress to access your Managed WordPress control panel. Under Site Information, locate your CDN site URL (e.g. Log […]

Understanding the grey cloud in your Cloudflare dashboard

IMPORTANT: cPanel no longer supports Cloudflare, and because of that, neither does HostPapa. If you wish to enable Cloudflare, please follow the steps in our Knowledge Base article How to enable Cloudflare on your domain. In this article, we’ll be talking about the grey cloud in Cloudflare. Subdomains that have […]