How to set up Terms of Service on your website to make it GDPR compliant

A separate page for Terms of Service is mandatory in order to be GDPR compliant. You should link to the Terms of Service using the site footer or through a User Agreement in your forms.

A Terms of Service should:

  • predict the conditions under which users may access your website;
  • protect your intellectual property;
  • explain how you will advertise your products to the visitors of your site;
  • outline your data collection process and how you ensure the privacy of users’ information;
  • describe how you sell your goods, your delivery process, and your return policy (if applicable);
  • Stipulate an age limit for using your website. The minimum age for GDPR compliance is 16.

Please keep in mind that this is not a complete list. Consult a lawyer to obtain more information about a Terms of Service document. You can also generate your Terms of Service document using online generators. Look for the ones that claim to be GDPR compliant. If possible, choose a paid one over a free version.

Click here if you need instructions on setting up Privacy Policy on your website as well.


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