G Suite Pricing Change

Google recently announced price changes for some of the G Suite plans, namely G Suite and G Suite Unlimited.

Since G Suite was launched over 10 years ago, over a dozen new services were added to help businesses simplify some of their processes and operations. These services include powerful video conferencing (Hangouts Meet), secure team communication tools (Hangouts Chat), and enterprise-grade search capabilities (Cloud Search).

In addition, most of the G Suite products were enhanced with advanced artificial intelligence to make some of your everyday tasks much easier, like responding to emails, gathering insights from data, and protecting against phishing attacks.

The value of G Suite kept on increasing over time, while the price remained the same. Due to this reason, Google announced the price increase for G Suite and G Suite Unlimited plans. You can see the updated prices on our product page.

Over four million organizations are using G Suite’s features for their business collaborations. Google is committed to expanding the suite’s functionality, making it continuously more valuable for the users.

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