Domain registration and transferring: .IE

Important to Remember

  • Regulator:  IE Domain Registry – IEDR
  • HostPapa’s Partner Registrar: InterNetX 
  • Domain details may not be visible in HostPapa Dashboard:
    • Contact details can not be updated in the Dashboard;
    • Name servers can not be updated in the Dashboard;
    • A ticket is requested with Domains Department.


  • Registration period: 1 year only.
  • Registration is not processed automatically due to additional documentation requirements.
  • Eligibility criteria: 

Domain privacy

  • Not available for .IE domain names.


  • Domains ending with .ie require a transfer code (EPP key / Auth Code).
    • Transfer code can be obtained directly from the IEDR console.
    • Before submitting a transfer request, please make sure you are in possession of the domain’s Authcode; it is needed to complete the transfer.
    • For transfers out, please obtain the code from the IEDR console.
    • The transfer code is sent to the Administrative email address. Domains Department can tell what is the Administrative email address and also update it. Requests must be sent via a ticket.
  • Domain renewal date with HostPapa will depend on the transfer completion date and invoiced accordingly (despite WHOIS showing a different expiry date).


  • Renewal term is 1 year only.
  • If renewal is not paid, the domain is marked for deletion on expiry. WHOIS will show “Voluntary NRP”/”Involuntary NRP”. Domain keeps resolving for 40 days after expiry and can be renewed at a regular price.
  • If the domain renewal invoice has not been paid in time, the domain may get parked and the website routed to a custom page.
  • Domain stops resolving after 40 days since expiry. There are 30 more days during which the domain can be renewed at a regular price.
  • After 70 days since expiry, the domain is removed from the IEDR database and released to public registration.

Ownership change

  • There is a fee to change ownership of an .IE domain name. Please check the exact price by opening a support ticket.

External resources:

IEDR console 

IEDR Authcode portal 



For further questions, or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Click here to learn how to do it.

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