What is error 550 – no such user?

You will receive a “550 No such user” error when you attempt to send an email to an account that does not exist. The error, sent as a bounce back message in your mailbox, will look similar to the following: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A […]

How to configure your store with AbanteCart settings

AbanteCart allows granular access to a wide range of settings for your store. To view and edit your store settings in the AbanteCart dashboard, head to System > Settings > All Settings via the sidebar. Navigating settings You can navigate between various setting categories (All, Store Details, General, Checkout, Appearance, […]

How to prepare your AbanteCart store to go live

With your AbanteCart store configured and personalized, you’re almost ready to go live. However, there are a number of recommended and mandatory steps you should take before your first day of trading. Secure your AbanteCart configuration. Following installation of AbanteCart, you should ensure the INSTALL directory has been deleted to prevent […]

How to install an AbanteCart extension

Like other popular web applications, the core features of AbanteCart can be extended through the use of small applets, or Extensions, that can be installed by administrators. These extensions are often created by third-part developers and can be made available free of charge, for a one-off payment or a recurring […]

What is the SMTP “Port 25 Blocked” error?

SMTP, or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is an Internet standard protocol used for sending and receiving email, although most applications use it exclusively for sending email. SMTP communication between email servers typically uses the TCP (Transfer Control Protocol) port 25 – think of this as the “channel” used for sending […]

How to set up email blacklisting

HostPapa accounts with cPanel support are equipped with a sophisticated email analysis and filtering feature.  This feature, SpamAssassin, combines a robust scoring framework with heuristic and statistical analysis tests on email headers and body text, supporting automated detection and blocking of unsolicited email, or spam. Users can also manually blacklist […]

How to set up a forwarding email account

If you work with multiple email addresses, perhaps using different accounts for different businesses or clients, you may find it convenient to automatically forward email received by those addresses to your main account. You can do so by configuring email Forwarders in My cPanel. An email forwarder sends a copy […]

How to access the spam folder using webmail

When you’ve configured your account with SpamAssassin and its Spam Box feature, SpamAssassin directs email it flags as spam to the Spam Box in a folder called Spam. If you’re a HostPapa webmail user (Horde, RoundCube, and SquirrelMail), you may need to subscribe to the Spam folder (sometimes called Junk) […]