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22 Mar

HostPapa Customer Showcase: JulieHamilton.ca

(Last Updated On: May 10, 2021)

As a self-employed wealth consultant and financial planning educator, Julie Hamilton needed a website for her business that was both simple and clean but also informative and professional. It wasn’t her first foray into an online strategy for Julie, but this time she “needed to have a legitimate presence.”

But starting her own consultancy and learning solutions business meant that Julie didn’t have time to build her own website or learn a new tool like WordPress. She decided to pursue HostPapa’s Do It For Me service, which is totally managed website building and maintenance program that put a professional development team at her fingertips.

Julie loves her new website. And we do too! Read Julie’s interview below and if you’re interested in HostPapa’s Do It For Me services, click here.

Tell me a little about yourself.
I am a self-employed consultant in Toronto, Canada. I am an adult educator and hold a CFP designation along with an MBA. I speak English and French.

Tell me more about Julie Hamilton & Associates.
I started my consulting business in 1999. I offer training services to Canadian Banks and other Financial businesses specifically related to financial planning and wealth management with the integration of financial planning software into my services. I recently added elearning development to my service offering.

What were you looking for in a website? What kind of look and feel were you after?
I wanted a crisp, focused look. I looked at other websites and found some examples of a clean look and clear message.

Did you try building your own website at all before having HostPapa do it for you?
Yes, in the past I have had a website. Always quite bare bones and not really what I wanted to showcase. I had needed one just to have a legitimate presence.

What was your favorite part of HostPapa’s Do It For Me process?
It was very easy and the team was very responsive. I showed them the type of look I was aiming for and they let me know how they could bring that to life given my details and the capabilities of the site.

Would you recommend HostPapa’s Do It For Me service? If so, why?
I would definitely recommend the Do It For Me Service. It quickly created a website that reflected my vision. I really like the fact that updates are included whenever I want to make a change.

Has having a professionally designed website helped your business? If yes, how?
Yes, it has helped. My image is much more professional. I have just done a relaunch and clients have found me through my site. I am looking to leverage my site more going forward.

If you’re interested in HostPapa’s Do It For Me services, click here.

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