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  • Get more customers and leads.
  • Push your website to the top of Google search results.
  • Campaigns are optimized daily for maximum results.
  • Get the best return for your online marketing spend.

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Online marketing has never been easier or more powerful

AdGuru is designed specifically for your small business.

All Essential Features

  • Marketing dashboard
  • Visitor tracking and stats
  • Website analytics
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile contact manager (CRM)
  • Display advertising
  • Keyword engagement reports
  • Geo engagement reports
  • Unlimited reports

All Essential Features

  • We do the work!
  • Marketing dashboard
  • Visitor tracking and stats
  • Website analytics
  • Mobile CRM
  • Mobile contact manager (CRM)
  • Paid search advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Keyword engagement reports
  • Geo engagement reports
  • Unlimited reports
  • Generate leads through email, sms, phone, and facebook
  • Smart coupons
  • Share offers on facebook

Get advertising online today - in 4 easy steps!

Getting professional search engine ads live on Google, Yahoo, and Bing has never been easier. No experience necessary.


Set your targets

Provide some basic information: company, website, goals, product info, and target market.


Choose your keywords

Rate the keywords that AdGuru automatically supplies.


Create your ads

Use AdGuru’s list of sample ads and calls to action or create your own.


Set your budget

Select your monthly budget, choose your search engines, and BOOM! You get new visitors, leads, and sales!

Get new leads and customers - automatically!

AdGuru helps you set up and manage your online marketing campaigns automatically.

Easy to get started

Get started fast

Get marketing on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more in 4 easy steps for new leads and customers today!

Easy to use marketing dashboard

Set up, manage, and track your marketing campaigns and results with our advanced marketing dashboard.

Grow your targeted list of prospects

Use our smart pop-up and contact forms on any website and generate 100% more leads than a conventional website.

Already integrated to apps

AdGuru comes out-of-the-box for HostPapa Website Builder and works on any site.

Optimized performance

Automatic bid management

Our proprietary machine learning engine finds the best keywords and optimizes your bids and campaigns daily.

Use our mobile CRM

Follow up on leads directly from your smartphone, including calls, email, and SMS inquiries.

Remarket to your website visitors

Remarket to visitors that left your website with targeted display ads as they surf the Internet.
Included with Display and VIP plans

Track and analyze your visitors

Get in-depth optimized reports showing website and visitor analytics, keyword and geo engagement reports, and more.

Scale and grow

Let us do all the work for you

Go VIP and our team of marketing experts will build, manage, and optimize your campaigns for you.

Identify new opportunities

Get a quarterly personal telephone review to report results and identify new sales opportunities.
Included with VIP plan

Easy upgrade process

Increase your marketing budgets in 1-click from your dashboard and get even more leads and sales!

Expand your reach

Start advertising on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and easily add thousands of other websites right from your marketing dashboard.

Search engine advertising made simple

Get your website found on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

AdGuru helps you build and optimize your advertising campaigns and get your website found where people are actively looking - on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Market on hundreds of major websites

AdGuru builds your ads for you and markets your business on websites like CNN, New York Times, and hundreds more! Your ads are automatically created using your existing website content.

Generate more leads

Advanced retargeting generates more leads and sales

AdGuru generates more leads and sales through advanced retargeting technology: after visitors leave your website they are presented with your ads while they surf the Internet.

Track and understand your visitors

Website stats and reports

AdGuru’s powerful web stats offer a unique view of your website’s visitors: know which marketing efforts are working and which ones you need to end right now!

Automated bid management

AdGuru manages your bids in all search engines based on past performance. Our intelligent engine ensures you get the best results!

Get instant feedback on your campaigns

Track on the go from your smartphone

AdGuru lets you manage your campaigns and keywords right from your smartphone.

Real-time leads and sales notifications

Get real-time access to your website visitors, campaign performance and notifications on the go!

Go VIP and let our marketing experts manage everything!

  • Already have a website but looking for customers? Let our experts manage your online advertising!
  • We provide a “white glove” approach to managing your campaign. We handle everything for you.
  • Let us advertise for you on Google, Yahoo, and Bing and reap the marketing results!
  • We follow up with you by phone or email on a quarterly basis to ensure you get the results and sales opportunities you are looking for.

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Go VIP and let our marketing experts manage everything!

Need help?

The PapaSquad is here when you need it.

Online advertising can be daunting. AdGuru makes it easier than ever to master paid search and digital marketing, but if you get stuck HostPapa is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

AdGuru is an easy to use digital marketing platform that enables businesses to generate new leads, customers, and sales.

AdGuru helps you build a marketing campaign to get your business found on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and many other websites. The number of sites you will appear on depends on your advertising budget. After you build your campaign AdGuru takes care of the rest and will continually update you on the status of your campaign.

You can cancel AdGuru at the end of any billing term through your HostPapa dashboard. Please contact us before cancelling if you are having any trouble - the HostPapa PapaSquad are ready to help!

You should start seeing traffic in the AdGuru dashboard shortly after your campaign starts. In some cases our manual approval process may delay results to ensure your campaign meets our advertising guidelines, in which case it can take up to a few hours. We will notify you if any part of your campaign is rejected.

Yes! If you’re using HostPapa Website Builder you don’t need to do anything - AdGuru is ready to go out of the box! If you’re using another website builder or are hosting your website with another provider we’ll give you easy instructions for quickly adding a short code snippet to your website. That’s it!

Yes. The engagement reports and metrics are geared towards small business owners and managers, not paid search experts or web developers. Take advantage of this information to better understand what’s happening with your marketing spend and how you can achieve positive returns on your marketing investment (ROI).

AdGuru offers small business owners an easy-to-use marketing dashboard to setup, manage, and refine online marketing campaigns for Google, and online display advertising. There are three key benefits:

  1. AdGuru provides an easy setup process so you can start quickly and get immediate results.
  2. AdGuru optimizes your campaigns to get the most out of your advertising budget.
  3. AdGuru’s powerful website analytics makes it simple to track the performance and results from your marketing campaigns.. You can evenuse your smartphone to manage your campaigns and monitor your results with the AdGuru app!

Managing online advertising is extremely complex and can be time consuming. AdGuru uses advanced technology that is continually learning from your results to improve campaign performance all the time.

Unfortunately, no. Here’s why: when an AdGuru campaign is launched it needs to pre­pay for your campaigns and paid search clicks (much like minutes on a mobile phone). The search engines also need enough ad spend to spread out across the many auctions run for specific searches, thereby delivering visitors to your website somewhat evenly over time.

Each campaign is different but you will see some results almost immediately. Your ads will be available and driving traffic to your website from the start to provide an immediate increase in your website traffic.

AdGuru lets you target cities, states, or countries - stay local or go global. If you provide services such as tree trimming or plumbing it’s good to target only your city.On the other hand, if you own an online store that ships nationally the country option will be best for you. Users outside of your selected area won’t be able to trigger your ads, which keeps your campaign as relevant as possible.

  • Your campaign is sent to the search engine to be reviewed. This normally takes between 15 minutes and a couple of hours.
  • Your campaign goes live and people searching for your keywords will start seeing your ads.
  • You will start driving new interested visitors to your website. It's that easy.

The monthly marketing budget goes directly to the search engines e.g. Google. It is divided up evenly over 30 days to give you a maximum daily budget. The daily budget is spent throughout the day as potential customers click on your ads. When your daily budget has been used up your ads stop showing and resume again with a fresh daily budget the next day. This ensures your monthly budget is used up evenly and not all at once.

Not at all. A campaign can take as little as 5 minutes to build. The process includes answering some initial questions about your business, selecting keywords, building ads, and designating a monthly budget.

Your ads are presented to people who are already searching for your product or service. The searcher is already intent on either gathering information or purchasing what you offer.

Minimal. AdGuru was designed to take the burden off the advertiser so they can focus their time and energy on more important aspects of their business. We take care of all the hard work for you!

AdGuru helps remove underperforming ads and keywords to optimize your campaigns, and our reports clearly show performance and results. With better targeted visitors your leads and sales will increase and your business will grow!

Absolutely. You can purchase as many campaigns as you need. In fact, we recommend using Search and Display campaigns together for the best results.

Display advertising uses a different network than paid search. Bid prices are much cheaper on the display network and uses the number of impressions you get for your budget rather than the cost for each click on paid search. The display network allows us to offer an entry level marketing service to small businesses that may not have the budget to advertise aggressively.

With paid search marketing the more you spend the more clicks you are able to receive at auction each day. Higher budgets allow ads to show for longer and more frequently throughout the day which increases the amount of monthly visitors. The more qualified visitors you get to your website the higher the chance for conversions.

Display advertising networks use cost per impression (the number of times users see your ads). The higher the spend, the more impressions end users get when retargeting or prospecting website visitors.